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There's so much good happening everywhere. It's true! I've created and dedicated this space as a platform to share my favorites of all of the goodness.

You'll notice that there is a theme to this site as a whole, and that's health. 

Health is important to me. Really important. I am absolutely tickled pink everyday that I get to be on this planet, and I want my days to be filled with joy,love and good health.

Healthy Life  = Happy Life

That's what its all about!


If you're like our host, you see fermentation as a gateway to beer and...pretty much that. Imagine our surprise when we find out that one of the greatest superfoods (drinks, really) EVER is derived from said process. Join us for Episode 28 as the CGPC keeps it on the local front, this time featuring local kombucha consumer turned entrepreneur, Miss Natalie Lynn.