Hi Friends! I'm Natalie.

I was born seeing the good. It's a part of me that has grown right along with me in life, side-by-side. In my adult life, I've found myself on a quest for all of the goodness, everything good..all things good!

Seven years ago, I embarked on a personal journey to become really, seriously healthy. This meant there was a lot of research to be done, and much good-questing.

Fortunately, I was exposed to a lot of healthy habits very young in life( Thanks Mama  & Pops!), and got to see Yogurt being made on the counter, and Fresh Carrot Juice in my cups. I had the basic knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, the drive to seek the good, and a new found passion for true health. 

The research and passion has grown in so many directions, and it ultimately led me to realize that community was another driving force for me. I want to find my people, and tell them all of the good things!

As you can imagine, these moments of self-realization were HUGE! I felt as though the stars had all aligned to dust off my true hearts desires in this lifetime. And you know...it still feels like that.

I've found what I can do to make the world a better place, and I'll just never stop trying to make the light shine brighter.

Enjoy the page, and reach out to me if you have questions- or if you just want to say hi and send a little high-five emoji.

However you found yourself here, I am grateful for it, and truly hope that you find this little slice of the web to be a happy place for you.